What Is Cremation, And What Are The Options For Crematory Funerals?


Losing a loved one is hard, and it is even harder to decide what preparations need to be made. While there are many options for respecting and honoring those who passed away, each body is treated differently in various cultures. Dallas cremation services have become a highly popular option. The Cremation Association of North America (CANA) report says that 61% of Americans now choose cremation as their final disposition.

What is Cremation?

The process of cremation makes use of intense heat to turn a deceased person’s body parts to ash. The body is placed inside a specially constructed cremation chamber. Then it is placed under extreme heat or flames for almost two-three hours. Following the process, small pieces of bone are removed from the cremator. These are then cooled and deposited in a machine that grinds the bone to ashes. These ashes are collected into an urn to hand over to the family.

How is Burial Different From Cremation?

There are two different methods used to dispose of a body: burial and cremation. As opposed to dallas cremation services, which involve burning a deceased person’s body to ashes, burial involves placing the body of a loved one next to one of their favorite or most treasured possessions, encased in a coffin that is sealed before being buried.

What is a Funeral?

The purpose of the funeral is to commemorate, respect, and sanctify the deceased. Depending on the culture, there are numerous ways to honor the life of the departed. Some people recite prayers, while others ask for peace in their prayers. Other traditions can involve religious readings. These rituals usually involve cleansing the body while offering it a peaceful journey. Other cultures include honoring the life of the departed by drinking and telling stories about the person.

Can a Funeral Be Performed with Cremation Service?

It’s a widespread misperception that choosing cremation prevents having a standard funeral. But in reality, cremation does not hamper or limit the options if close persons or families choose to hold a funeral service. Planning a personalized service can be an important phase in grieving and embracing the death of a loved one. The funeral ceremony gives the deceased’s family, friends, and community a chance to come together and take part in honoring their life and paying reverence to their memory. Here are some options for Crematory Funerals-

  • Hold a funeral service with a visitation before the cremation.
  • Have a funeral but no visitation, followed by the cremation.
  • Hold a funeral service in a conventional funeral home, then inter the ashes.
  • Hold a memorial service at an outside venue.
  • Disperse the ashes at a place that held exceptional value for the dead.


The rising cost of in-ground burial is a critical factor in the growing popularity of cremation. Furthermore, cremation is now more widely accepted in various religions and cultures. While it looks like “everyone” is choosing dallas cremation service, the decision is not always simple. It’s a very personal choice that is taken on the basis of cultural and religious beliefs as well as the family’s financial condition.

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