Planning To Buy Wood Logs? Consider These Important Points Before Making Purchase


Whether you need wood logs for the fireplace, cooking or to sell, buying, shipping and storing them can be quite an overwhelming task. Worry not! We are here to help you make the right decisions.

General things to consider before buying wood logs:

  1. Whether buying wood logs for personal use or to sell, you have to decide on a budget. Going to the marketplace or placing an order can be quite overwhelming if you haven’t decided on a budget for yourself. On the other hand, having a budget in mind can help you look for the category of wood logs best suited to your budget This way, you not only make the right purchase, but save a lot of time too.
  2. Once your budget is fixed, think about the space you have for storing the wood logs. It goes without saying, buying more firewood’s than what you can accommodate at home can cost you so much. Not only you will end up spending more on extra goods, but also end up spending extra on renting a place to accommodate the extra firwoods.
  3. The next thing you should consider is your usage. How many wood logs would you use and how often? Keep in mind that firewood’s easily catch moisture and moisturized woods are difficult to use. Therefore, it is advisable that you buy wood logs as per what you can use in a month or two. This way you can store the right amount at home without having to run to the market to buy more or spoil in case of less storage space.

Once you have made the purchase of wood logs considering all the points above, you would need a log shipping company that can ship wood from the market to your place. You can totally rely on the service of ‘Ship a Car, Inc’ as they are a leading company in the market with a good customer reputation.

Technical things to consider while buying wood logs:

  1. Do not go by weight – Most of the firewood companies sell firewoods by volume rather than weight. This is a good thing as weight can be misleading. When wood is cut from the tree, it is full of moisture, as much as 60-70%. More moisture means more weight. The companies use methods like machine drying or seasoning to discard the moisture from the wood logs. Therefore, it is advisable that you pick the wood logs as a bundle and not as per the weight and make sure to pick the dry ones.
  2. A little bit of moisture is important – We learnt above that the freshly cut wood contains 60-70% moisture. When buying for personal use, make sure the wood logs you are picking have moisture not more than 20%. Wet wood comes cheap and therefore, you might get tempted to buy those, that too in bulk. This can prove to be an expensive and useless affair in the longer run.

Keep an eye open to both the general and technical details while purchasing the wood logs. Happy shopping!

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