How and where to sell gold jewellery


If you have a jewellery box that is just a tangled mess of bling, you may be able to turn the baubles into a cash to meet your immediate needs by selling it to a reputable cash for gold buyer.

To get the most cash for your gold jewellery, you should know what it is worth. You should know that you cannot expect to get anything close to the market value of the gold. What you may get paid will depend on the effort you decide to put in when you visit your local gold buyers.

So, what is you gold jewellery worth?

To get the true value of your gold jewellery you should have it appraised. Appraisals by qualified appraisers will cost you some money depending on the caliber of the appraiser and in most instances, how long it takes them appraise the jewellery. For instance, gold jewellery with a simple diamond setting might take longer when appraised by a jeweler who is interested in value the jewellery in its entirety. A gold buyer on the other hand will only appraise the gold and not the gemstones.

Some people think that they can skip the appraisal if their jewellery wasn’t worth much to begin with. You have to consider that the price of gold appreciates with time. The price of gold today might be higher than it was some 5 years ago. If you had an appraisal earlier on, you should get another one done. Be careful with gemstones. Whilst most ordinary cash for gold buyers aren’t interested in diamonds and sapphires, jewelers are and they might be willing to pay good money for whatever stones you have on your jewellery. It’s better to know for sure than to assume that all gold buyers operate in the same way.

An appraiser will also be able to determine whether it is best to sell gold jewellery Melbourne for scrap to gold buyers or to sell it as is. Some jewellery and certain brands are valuable when they are intact. Always explore all the options that are available to you and find out what the melt value of the metal making up the gold jewellery is. Keep in mind that that you won’t get the replacement cost of your jewellery, at least you should expect 70 to 80% of the melt value of the gold.

The best way to sell gold jewellery is in person

Selling jewellery in person is still the best way to get the most cash. You have a lot of options that you can explore. You can sell your gold to your local gold buyers as scrap, a jeweller that buys second-hand jewellery. You can also sell your gold to coin shops and also pawn shops. No matter which buyer you choose, you should at least get three estimates. This way you will have an idea of what the market is willing to pay you.

One other advantage with having your jewellery appraised before you sell is that you might find an appraiser that is willing to act as a broker and sell jewellery for the best price on your behalf. Look for years and deep connections in the community. They will charge you a percentage of the sale price that also depends on how much work is involved.

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