Factors To Consider When Planning A Long-Distance Trip In Your EV


Electric vehicles are an excellent choice if you are trying to do your part to look after our planet, and they are becoming an increasingly popular choice. We will see many more electric vehicles on the road as the UK government has stated you cannot buy a petrol or diesel vehicle after 2030. As such, you will find amenities for electric vehicles will also improve. However, if you are planning a long-distance trip in your EV, you have various factors you will need to consider that can help ensure you get there when needed. Below are some tips to help you plan your journey and ensure your vehicle never runs out of charge, and you arrive at your destination.

Download An App To Help You Plan Your Trip

It will make planning your long-distance trip much easier when you download an electric car charging points app. There are various apps you can download that will show you where all the EV charging points are and can also give you more useful information. These apps can tell you if any charging points are out of order, whether they are quick to charge charging points, and when their busiest times are. These apps can help plan the ideal route for your trip and ensure you do not stretch distances between charging too much.

Planning Your Route For Your Trip

You will need to use the app that you downloaded and a map to plan your long-distance trip and ensure you have plenty of places to charge along the way. You will need to ensure you are not pushing the range of your vehicle too much, or you can run out of charge and become stranded. You may need to take a less direct route to ensure you can charge your EV along the way, and it is a good idea to have stiff you can do while you wait for your vehicle to charge. You can enjoy a meal while you wait or go for a walk and take in some of the local sights. You will also need to ensure that you drive your vehicle in a way that will help increase its range, so you have less chance of running out of charge completely.

Tips For Driving Your EV To Conserve Charge

You can do things that can help maximise the range of your vehicle on a long trip and ensure you do not run out of charge. You will want to drive smoothly and not accelerate too quickly, and you will also want to limit your top speed. You will also want to be conservative in using the heat or AC in your vehicle, which will help conserve power. Ensure that your tyres are correctly inflated and try and maximise regenerative braking, using the brakes only when necessary. Try to reduce your vehicle’s weight by travelling light, which can also help to maximise your range. You can click here to get more tips, and following this advice, you can maximise the range of your vehicle and ensure you arrive at your destination, no matter how far away it is.

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