Excellent Ways To Help Enhance Your Vaping Experience


When you consider taking up vaping to help you stop smoking, you will need to ensure it is suitable for you before spending lots of money on vaping supplies. It will be best to try it and get a simple starter kit to see if you like it and can use it to help you quit smoking. Once you have given it a try and decided it is something you want to do, you can customise and enhance your vaping experience and ensure it is pleasurable for you. Below are some of the ways you can improve your vaping experience and start living a smoke-free life.

Consider Upgrading Your Vaping Device

If your introduction to vaping was with a simple starter kit, you might want to consider upgrading your device and choosing a more versatile one. You can get fully customizable vaping devices to adjust the settings and make the coils yourself so you can alter the vaping experience to exactly how you like it. When you want to enjoy blowing massive plumes of vape smoke, you will want to consider getting a sub-ohm device or something similar that can use e-liquid with a higher concentration of vegetable glycerine.

Choose The Best Quality E-Liquids

Choosing the highest quality vapour juice for your device is another way that you can help enhance your vaping experience. You will need to ensure you select one with the correct VG/PG ratio for your device and the right nicotine strength for you. There are also lots of flavours you can choose that can make your vaping experience a tasty one. Some of the flavour profiles you can enjoy includes:

  • Tobacco Flavours
  • Fruity Flavours
  • Dessert Flavours
  • Drink Flavours
  • Menthol Flavours

It is worth spending a little more on your e-liquids to ensure you get a quality one that will give you the best chance of sticking with vaping and not going back to smoking cigarettes.

Keep Your Device Clean

You will also want to ensure that you clean your vaping device regularly to keep it tasting fantastic. If you swap between the flavours of e-liquid a lot and have a plastic tank, you can find that the more potent flavours linger and affect the taste. Keep it clean, and it can help prevent this from happening; and if you can use a glass tank for your device, it will help keep the flavours crisp and flavoursome.

Replace Your Coils

The coils in your device will only last for so long, so you will need to recognise when the flavour changes in your e-liquid, which is a sign the coils need replacing. You should always ensure you have spare coils available so you do not run out, which may leave you not being able to vape and struggling with your nicotine cravings.

Store Your E-Liquids Correctly

When storing your e-liquid, you need to keep them out of direct sunlight as the ultraviolet rays can start breaking down the ingredients in them and affecting their taste. Keep your e-liquids in a cool dark place and shake them well before using them to ensure the liquid is mixed thoroughly.

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