Enjoy later life at home in Telford with an attractive stairlift


Those who have worked all their lives deserve a few extra pleasures, as the body starts to show signs of aging. It’s natural that mobility begins to deteriorate and that accidents can occur more often.

Those with houses on two floors can prevent risks around the home by speaking to the leading stairlift suppliers Telford has to offer whose bespoke models will immediately restore full independence and make daily life more enjoyable.

By speaking to professionals of a family-owned company, a free consultation and independent advice will reveal that no matter what the space or whether the hall or stairwell is straight or curved, there is a perfect solution waiting to be installed.

A wide range of lifts, which includes heavy duty models which can take the strain of up to 25 stones in weight, and those with a swivel chair, which are ideal for those who need easy access or to transfer items with them between levels.

Those concerned about affordability can relax, as rental stairlifts are also available along with new and reconditioned models from a range of manufacturers. The experts install them and then provide first-class customer service and maintenance added to the 5-year warranty.

They’re easy to operate with wireless remote control, which are portable, or wall mounted for those who prefer that system. The wiring is discreet and the stairlift is aesthetically pleasing meaning no value is detracted from the property.

A stairlift is the perfect way to retain mobility and fully enjoy home living.

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