Domestic Violence Classes – What It Is & Whom It Is Meant for


Rising number of domestic violence cases across the country is a serious concern for common people, human rights activists and the government. It is unfortunate that prevalent domestic violence has failed to to raise awareness among a certain section of people who have no idea that what kinds of abuses fall under the category of domestic violence. For these people and also others, it is imperative to conduct classes on domestic violence to increase awareness and sensitize people about the crime.

A Batterers’ Intervention Program (“BIP”) is a great initiative for that purpose. The program is a set of 52 weekly classes on domestic violence. The persons convicted of domestic violence are obliged to complete domestic violence classes as a part of their terms of probation.

The program combines both education and counseling and specially focuses on the followings:

  • The causes of family violence, intimate partner violence and abusive behavior
  • The effects of abuses and violent behavior on a victim
  • The must-occur changes to prevent repeat violence and law enforcement domestic violence intervention

Domestic violence offenders join the class once in a week for two hours. The offenders are required to fully comply with the BIP’s demands and for that, successful completion of a final evaluation is a must.

A defendant’s failure to complete a BIP is considered a technical violation of the offender’s domestic violence probation. It could lead to the offender’s fines or imprisonment. It holds true irrespective of whether the defender was on a felony probation or a misdemeanor probation.

Batterers Intervention Program – What is It?

In California, a convicted of domestic violence receives a minimum sentence of 3-year probation. A domestic violence offender must complete a BIP as a condition of probation. The 52-week domestic violence classes require the member to meet once a week at a counseling center for two hours. The offender must complete the class within 18 months of the court order granting probation.

Members are allowed to skip maximum three classes during the program. Moreover, the absente needs to show a good cause for his absence to be authorized. The court may ask a proof of enrolment from the defendant.

An offender must bear the expenses of the program out of his own pocket. However, the overall cost usually depends on the offender’s financial status.

Domestic Violence Treatment – When is It Required?

Any DV offense will typically lead to probation. In other words, if a person is proved guilty of domestic violence, he must undergo a BIP treatment program and complete the same. Moreover, the offender must do it as a condition of probation.

According to domestic violence laws, it is a crime to harm, intimate or threaten to harm partner. However, domestic abuse is also committed against any person listed below:

  • A spouse or an ex-spouse
  • A person the offender lives with or used to live with
  • A person the offender is dating or dated
  • A person with whom the offender has a child with; and/or
  • A person in relation to the offender by kinship

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