Different Options When Choosing Printed Boxes


With custom-designed boxes, you could always design with your logo, create a graphic with your company logo and then have the boxes prepared for distribution very quickly. There are three categories of custom printing boxes: Gift Boxes, Promotional Boxes and Residential Boxes. Each type of box can be printed in a variety of special ways that could very well catch the eye of the receiver or anyone who happens to pass by your booth at an event or trade show. Here are some of the possible ways to make your boxes stand out with your company logo, name or symbol on them.

Gift boxes and promotional printed packaging boxes using modern printing technology is one of the best options for fast, inexpensive marketing. With an economical printing process using high-resolution dye sublimation, you could get professional-looking gift boxes printed on any standard size cardboard. You can save more money than you imagine because less material is used, and the quality of the finished product is excellent. In addition, your promotional message will be clear and attractive.

Cardboard is also a great choice for custom packaging. High-quality, archival quality, cardboard is one of the most durable and cost-effective materials for creating custom printed boxes. The printing process produces beautifully detailed images, which are inserted into the center of the cardboard. After the printing process is complete, a heavy cardboard lid is then attached to the bottom of the box. This method allows you to create boxes and lids customized to any shape, size and color.

Residential cardboard is also used for many purposes, including home decorating and as functional pieces for packing food. A lot of time and money is saved when printing out your own promotional or printed boxes from ready-made cardboard stock. All you need to do is to have a high-quality printer who can handle a wide variety of high-resolution digital imaging and printing inks. This type of packaging printing is ideal for short-run custom runs and small volume runs that produce few individual products.

Another alternative for printed cardboard and rigid material packaging is to use standard vinyl film. The images on this type of box can be highly detailed and vivid, and come in a range of vibrant colors. Vinyl film boxes are a great alternative for short-run products, because the images can be printed as needed, and the boxes can be quickly and easily reconfigured to produce new product images. They are also useful for creating striking, high-quality branding packages that are suitable for large volumes of items.

Printed boxes with heavy and rigid sides offer the perfect solution for companies that need to produce large volumes of boxes. High-density boxes would be ideal for companies that are looking for affordable packaging solutions for their products. Also, these types of boxes are great for trade show displays, exhibits and promotional events. Many companies prefer to use a high-density cardboard and rigid foam packaging solution for long-run promotional efforts, and as back-up for less-impressive alternatives that would not be as effective. For instance, some companies choose to use corrugated boxes or square boxes that cannot withstand intense stresses and shipping pressures that will be encountered during shipping.

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